JAT Software - Your Paperless Solution

Ease of Implementation

JAT provides an extensive line of data extraction services and load options for all products and services.  JAT’s data extraction specialists handle the interface of any form type through a proven streamlined approach guaranteeing data integrity and timely processing with all our products and services.

JAT’s data extraction programs support all payroll system and service formats including but not limited to Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, ADP, Ceridian, Geac, Microsoft, Empower, Lawson, Workday, Paychex, Sage, Kronos, Ultimate Software and many others.

A proof of concept testing and verification phase is conducted with all data extraction services to ensure production deployment is 100% accurate.  

An account Implementation Coordinator guides clients through the entire setup and deployment process making sure all configuration and service options are properly communicated prior to the execution of a JAT product or service.

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