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<strong>W-2 TurboTax and H&R Block Integration</strong>

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W-2 TurboTax and H&R Block Integration

Receiving a tax refund earlier is one of the biggest incentives for employees to use TurboTax or H&R Block for tax filing.

Through our partnerships, JAT Software provides W-2 data integration with Intuit’s TurboTax™ Desktop and Online Software and H&R Block W-2 Early Access™ and tax software products.  Organizations can take advantage of one or both services depending on how many options you choose to give your employees for their tax preparation needs.

JAT offers the W-2 Integration in combination with e-PRINTVIEW, PRINTVIEW PLUS or Print Services or as a Standalone Service that doesn’t affect your existing year-end recipient distribution process.

Set up and implementation is simple.  You provide JAT with your W-2 information, review and approve verification reports from us and we provide Intuit and H&R Block with a list of your Federal EINs and load the appropriate tables for data integration.  JAT will provide communication tools you can use to inform your employees about these integration options.

Intuit Inc.

Employees using TurboTax™ to file their tax return can import their W-2 data directly into TurboTax™ without having to enter it manually, increasing accuracy and simplifying their entire tax preparation process.

H&R Block
With the H&R Block integration, employees have two choices.

1.  Using H&R Block W-2 Easy Access™, employees can authorize availability of their W-2 data for in-office H&R Block tax preparation services.  They simply visit www.hrblock.com/w2, search for their employer's name and authenticate their unique connection with JAT's system.  Their data is safely and securely accessible at any H&R Block office.

2.  Employees preferring to do their own taxes can import their W-2 information into H&R Block Online and Software (DIY).

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