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Canadian Tax Slip Products & Services

JAT Software solutions for Canadian tax slips include e-PRINTVIEW for employee self-service slips, Print Services and PRINTVIEW PLUS for in-house original, reissue and amendment processing.


e-PRINTVIEW is a SaaS Self-Service application for T4, T4A and RL-1 tax slip distribution.  Electronic slip delivery provides significant savings for employers by eliminating many of the expenses associated with traditional paper slips, envelopes, printing expenses, labor, inserting, sealing and postage.

e-PRINTVIEW can be deployed as an internet and mobile-friendly application with options including an organization specific URL and Branded Login page with your logo and text or customized for Single Sign-on integration with your exisiting employee portal.  With e-PRINTVIEW, recipients can retrieve Originals, Duplicates or Amended slips eliminating your organization's administrative involvement in performing these time-consuming and unproductive tasks.  e-PRINTVIEW incorporates government requirements for recipient consent to electronic slip delivery including the option allowing organizations to auto consent recipients for T4 and RL-1 slips according to CRA and RQ regulations.

Authorized management users can review, update and submit their application preferences for a streamlined initial setup and ongoing maintenance.  They can process amendments, lock/unlock slips and user accounts, change passwords and generate and export reports for consents and slips retrieved from e-PRINVIEW.  When needed, management users can also distribute slips by printing and mailing or emailing slips.  All emailed slip attachments are in PDF format and can be password protected with data encryption methods to ensure security.  e-PRINTVIEW includes organization security for setting up management users with access to either specific client defined entities or all entities.

JAT also offers original tax slip print and mail services for recipient T4, T4A and RL-1 slips.  Used in combination with e-PRINTVIEW self-service, recipients consenting to receive their slips electronically are removed from the print process.

Printing is performed at SOC audited and SSAE16 certified facilities ensuring your documents are processed according to the highest standards in the industry.  Tax slips are previewed prior to printing through an online viewing tool.  JAT offers additional print service options including archive PDFs, inserts and drop shipments.

PRINTVIEW PLUS is a comprehensive in-house tax slip processing solution designed to help organizations efficiently manage critical year-end recipient slip printing and employer reporting and filing.  Recipient slips can be printed individually, in batches or emailed as password protected PDF files.  Batch printing can be performed by printing slips directly to a Laser-jet compatible printer or slips can be ouput as PDFs for remote printing at a later time.  Employer filing capabilities include CRA and RQ XML e-file creation.

With PRINTVIEW PLUS, original and reissue tax slip distribution is only a click away.  Slips may be output as encrypted PDFs for secure email delivery or as hard copies for printing and mailing either individually or in large batches when high volume distribution is required.

PRINTVIEW PLUS provides an accurate and efficient means of producing amended tax slips.

  • Individual Amendments
    Users simply select the original slip to be corrected, enter only the required adjustments and print or email the resulting corrected slip to the recipient.

  • Batch T4 Amendments
    With the T4 Amendment Autoload Add-on Module, clients can create and import a preformatted CSV file containing amendment data directly into PRINTVIEW PLUS.

Amended slips can be exported and uploaded to e-PRINTVIEW for employee self-service access and retrieval.

Employer amendment filing is compliant with the CRA and RQ XML filing specifications.  Amendments are logged by User ID for internal auditing via a flexible built-in reporting architecture.

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