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Online Pay Stubs & Pay Cards

Online Pay Stubs/Statements are easily accessible to employees through our SaaS self-service web and mobile friendly e-PRINTVIEW application.  Employees can access their Pay Stubs electronically along with their W-2s through the same employee self-service system.

e-PRINTVIEW is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) version 3.2 compliant, assuring the security of your data in accordance with the highest standards of the industry.  Forms are stored and accessible in compliance with retention requirements at a SSAE 16 audited data center.

States impose their own regulations regarding electronic pay stub delivery.  Our product allows your organization to establish Opt In and Opt Out selections at the State level, giving you the flexibility you need to address your state requirements.

Your pay stub/statement presentation is customizable.  You can choose to have the online format match your printed format or you can choose a different format to suit your needs.

JAT solutions provide form access for both active and terminated employees.

Implementation and deployment includes:

  • Web site setup with client preference selections.
  • Custom pay stub/statement presentment in PDF format allowing employees to print or save their statement.
  • Pay Stub/Statement data file processing, testing and verification.
  • Pay Period database loads with client control of Pay Stub report and sample approvals and statement/pay cycle Locking/Unlocking of forms.
  • Employee State level Opt In or Opt Out selection.
  • Email and Text notifications for employees when pay stubs/statements are available for retrieval.
  • Enhanced employee communication with client managed messages on application web pages.
  • Organization Security for Management users can be setup to access only specific client defined entities or all entities.
  • Management reporting for Opted In and Opted Out employees and employee access and usage of pay stub/statement retrieval.
  • Storage and access to historical pay stub/statement information for current and prior years.
  • Voiding Pay Stubs/Statements individually or in batches.
  • Optional Branded login page including client logo and custom text.
  • Optional Single Sign-On integration with client’s existing employee portal.

The e-PRINTVIEW self-service system also has tax form capabilities for both the U.S. and Canada.

Pay Cards

Pay cards enable employers to eliminate the costs of paper check distribution by moving 100% of employees to direct deposit.  Employees are able to use their Pay Card at ATM machines, stores, banks, for money orders and for online banking.  The Pay Card eliminates check cashing fees and banking fees and doesn’t require a minimum balance.  The funds are FDIC insured and can be replaced if lost or stolen.  Customer support is provided 24/7 through live agents, IVR and online.

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