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Technology Partners

  • H&R Block


    H&R Block is one of the world's largest tax services providers, utilizing more than 100,000 highly trained tax professionals and having prepared more than 550 million tax returns worldwide since 1955.

  • Intuit Inc.


    JAT Software has an agreement with Intuit Inc. to provide online W-2 data integration with Intuit's TurboTax Desktop and Online software products. Receiving a tax refund earlier is one of the biggest incentives for employees to retrieve their W-2 online. The e-PRINTVIEW-TurboTax integration takes this process one step further by enabling employees to import their W-2 data directly into TurboTax without having to enter it manually, thereby increasing accuracy and simplifying the entire tax preparation process.

  • Microdynamics Group

    Since 2003, JAT Software has partnered with Microdynamics to produce hard copy W-2s. Microdynamics is a document distribution company focusing on credit unions, collection agencies, banks, financial service companies, and utility companies. Microdynamics specializes in the integration of paper-based transactional document delivery. Microdynamics is the secure and effective way to manage your document distribution.

  • Efficient Document Solutions, Inc.

    Efficient Document Solutions, Inc. is an energetic, proactive and enthusiastic enterprise.  Their team is comprised of members with over 20 years of experience in the marketplace.  They specialize in developing unique solutions to best fit clients’ needs electronically as well as for print and mail. Their strengths are tax forms, critical documents and transaction mail.  As part of their platform, Efficient works to provide cost friendly solutions to meet their clients’ needs.  They pride themselves on creating relationships with clients and building tools to allow those relationships to thrive.

  • Nelco


    Nelco is the nation's leading provider of tax and business forms. For 50 years Nelco has worked closely with government agencies to deliver quality, compliant products to their customers. Their compliance expertise and industry knowledge is reflected in the Nelco product line of forms, tax supplies and tax information processing systems. Nelco administers the printing and mailing fulfillment of annual W-2 and 1099 forms for JAT. Nelco is also an approved supplier of laser and pressure seal W-2 and 1099 forms guaranteed compatible with your PRINTVIEW Software.

  • ReadyFund$

    ReadyFUND$ pay cards allow employers to convert 100% of their employees to electronic pay including those without a bank account.  The ReadyFUND$ Premier Access Prepaid MasterCard® card provides employees with direct deposit access to their payroll and other valuable financial services for managing their money.

  • Fintwist

    Fintwist is a digital payment solution that removes significant cost and time from processing payroll checks, while offering your entire workforce a modern and convenient way to get paid—even when they don't have a bank account. It’s a win-win that doesn’t cost you a thing. Backed by Mastercard and offered by Comdata, the leader in payroll cards for 29 years, Fintwist offers users immediate access to their wages and digital tools they’ll love for managing their money. No bank account needed. Easy and quick to roll out, Fintwist reshapes payroll from a cost into an empowering employee benefit. Learn more at www.fintwistsolutions.com

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