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JAT Software offers Pay Cards to help employers move their employees to paperless pay with the ReadyFUND$® pay card.  ReadyFUND$ enables employers to transition all employees to direct deposit in an affordable and effective way, with no implementation or payload fees.  Additional benefits to employers include eliminating the many costs associated with distributing paper checks.

Every employee can qualify for a Pay Card.  Each payroll period, employee pay is deposited directly to their ReadyFUND$ debit card.  After a payroll deposit, employees receive their first Pay Card transaction - up to 100% of their pay - at no charge.  Employees are able to use their Pay Card at ATM machines, stores, banks, for money orders and for online banking.

The Pay Card eliminates check cashing fees and banking fees and doesn't require a minimum balance.  The funds are FDIC insured and can be replaced if lost or stolen.  Customer support is provided 24/7 through live agents, IVR and online.


Convert 100% of your employees to electronic pay, even employees without a bank account!

The ReadyFUND$ Premier Access Prepaid MasterCard® card grants you the ability to provide your employees with direct deposit access to their payroll and other valuable financial services for managing their money.  ReadyFUND$ provides solutions that enhance employee benefit programs, significantly reduce payroll expenses and increase business productivity.


Employer Benefits:

  • Convert to 100% electronic pay.
  • Instant issue MasterCard for new hires.
  • Save money by not issuing paper checks.
  • Improve payroll logistics and distribution.
  • Eliminate lost check costs and escheatment.
  • Improve employee retention and morale.
  • Secure web portal for card management.

Employee Benefits:

  • MasterCard® branded payroll card.
  • Access to 100% of pay at no charge.
  • Unlimited point of sale transactions at no charge.
  • 24/7 toll-free and online account activity.
  • No monthly service charge.
  • Interest bearing savings account.
  • Saves on banking and check cashing fees.

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