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e-PRINTVIEW is a self service Internet application for W-2, W-2c, 1095-C, 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1042-S, Canadian T4, T4A, RL-1 and Pay Stub electronic processing.  Electronic form delivery provides significant savings for employers by eliminating many of the expenses associated with traditional paper/forms, envelopes, printer expenses, labor, inserting, sealing and postage.

e-PRINTVIEW is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device with internet access.  It can also be customized for Single Sign-on to eliminate the generic logon process.  Internet website deployment options include an organization-specific URL and a Branded Login page with your logo and text to make the user experience consistent with your existing portal.  e-PRINTVIEW includes notifications to recipients informing them when forms are available for retrieval.


With e-PRINTVIEW, recipients can retrieve Originals, Reissues or Corrected forms, eliminating your organization's administrative involvement in performing these time-consuming and unproductive distribution tasks.  e-PRINTVIEW incorporates government requirements for recipient consent to electronic form delivery including the option allowing organizations to auto consent recipients for T4 and RL-1 slips according to CRA and RQ regulations.

JAT also offers integration with TurboTax® and H&R Block® tax preparation software and services, allowing W-2 tax information to be securely downloaded from e-PRINTVIEW.

Authorized management users can review, update and submit their application preferences for a streamlined initial setup and ongoing maintenance.  They can process corrections, lock/unlock forms and user accounts, change passwords and generate and export reports for consents and forms retrieved from e-PRINTVIEW.  When needed, management users can also distribute forms by printing and mailing or email.  All emailed form attachments are in PDF format and can be password-protected with data encryption methods to ensure security.  Verification reports and sample forms can be reviewed in the Management area for immediate approval.  e-PRINTVIEW includes organization security for setting up management users with access to either specific client defined entities or all entities.


JAT Online Pay Stubs is a simple and secure system interface providing online pay stubs with the same rich presentation capabilities as our electronic tax forms.  With a single login to e-PRINTVIEW, your employees can retrieve their pay stubs from the same website. 

To comply with state regulations governing electronic pay stub delivery, e-PRINTVIEW allows you to setup your Opt In/Opt Out selection at the individual state level.

Your pay stub presentation is customizable.  You can choose to have the online format match your printed format or you can choose a different format to suit your needs.

Implementation includes pay stub formatting, website setup, data processing, testing, verification, approvals and database loads for your pay periods.

Historical pay stub information can be stored and accessible for current and prior years.


e-PRINTVIEW services include data extraction programming, data integrity verification and loading, application preferences setup, recipient and management user ID and password configuration, security management and co-location facility maintained at a SSAE 16 data center.  Forms are stored and accessible in compliance with retention requirements.  Both tax forms and pay stubs can be stored and readily available for current and prior years.  JAT also offers custom Single Sign-on and customization options.

Employer Benefits:

  • Cost savings - reduces paper, forms, envelopes, postage and labor.
  • Hosted solution requires no additional hardware or software expenditures.
  • Multiple year data storage.
  • Reporting and data export capabilities.
  • Corrections creation.
  • Secure email distribution.
  • Review and approval of reports and sample forms online is immediate.
  • Control over recipient access by Locking/Unlocking tax forms and pay stubs/pay cycles.
  • Communication to recipients through custom messages on web pages.
  • Custom form implementation.

Recipient Enhanced Services:

  • Includes multiple language translations.
  • Mobile-friendly website supports multiple platforms.
  • Recipient forms available before mailed copies.
  • Email and text message notifications.
  • Earlier access expedites tax filing and potential refunds.
  • Forms available 24/7.
  • Web page messages convey important information from your organization.
  • Accessible from any location via a secure hosted Internet site.
  • Superior record retention - forms can be saved in PDF format.
  • TurboTax® and H&R Block® integration.

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