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PRINTVIEW PLUS Release 2018 Now Available

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PRINTVIEW PLUS Release 2018 Now Available

We have made several enhancements to PRINTVIEW PLUS in the coming release, some a direct result of our valued customer feedback. We hope you find these new features and workflow improvements helpful to your year-end processing. Thank you again for your continued support!


  • “Edit” support for Canadian tax forms:  The ability to edit forms T4, T4-A and RL-1 has been added (similar to other U.S. tax forms.)
  • New e-PRINTVIEW Export registers:  Users can now export New and Edited forms for upload into e-PRINVIEW. Note that 1099-MISC, 1099-R, T4, T-4A and RL-1 forms support both New and Edited form exports. Form 1095-C only allows users to upload Edited forms to e-Printview.
         To access the new export registers, open the “Register” dialog box and select “ePrintview” in the Group By Type drop down box.
  • New Corporate Load Export registers:  Users can now export pre-existing form data to the PRINTVIEW PLUS Corporate Load .csv format.  This provides a means for transferring form data from one PRINTVIEW PLUS database to another, and simplifies integration with JAT’s supplementary consulting services.  This feature is available for all supported form types except the 1095-C.
         To access the Corporate Load Export registers, open the “Register” dialog box and select “Corporate Load” in the Group By Type drop down box.
  • Support for SSN/TIN masking:  SSN/TIN masking is now supported for the 1099-MISC, 1099-R and 1042-S recipient form copies on both PDF and hardcopy prints.  The new print templates can be selected by clicking the “Change Print Template” menu item, available within the applicable Employee Detail form registers and form display views.
  • Expanded 1099 electronic state filing support: 
    • 1099-R Indiana state reporting support has been added. (Note that all records submitted to the IN DOR must include the required Tax Type and County codes. This information may be provided during the initial form load or after-the-fact via the Utility application’s Data Manager module.)
    • 1099-R & 1099-Misc Maryland state reporting support has been added.  (Note that 1099-R records submitted to the MD Revenue Administration should include the State Pickup Amount in Box 17 and related description in Box 16, where applicable.)
  • Local jurisdictions on form W-2 can be grouped by state:  Two new fields have been added to PRINTVIEW PLUS’ W-2 load specifications, allowing users to associate a state abbreviation with each local jurisdiction provided. Clients who supply this data in the load file can subsequently query out jurisdictions by state from within the local reporting registers.
  • 1095-C processing Enhancements:
    • EIN’s can be directly entered into drop-down boxes (transmittal selection, EIN assignment, e-File transmitter selection).
    • Contact information can be saved/recalled within the e-File Creation dialog box.
    • Box 18 on form 1094-C is automatically updated to reflect total number of 1095-C’s attached to the transmittal during the file creation process. This value is now visible within the 1094-C Detail register.
    • Box 20 on form 1094-C is updated to reflect the total number of 1095-C’s attached to the transmittal if not populated prior to electronic file creation.
    • Previously filed 1094-C's which have been assigned an AIR Receipt ID can no longer be included in subsequent bulk submission files. (This protects against inadvertently filing an entity multiple times.)
    • AIR Error Message XPath is now visible within the 1095-C Federal Detail register. (The XPath provides additional detail regarding the specific 1095-C box referenced by an AIR error.)
  • Automated Table Updates and Indexing:  Table Update and Indexing scripts are now automatically run after the user successfully loads and commits form data to the database via the Corporate Load module.(Automatic Table Updates can be disabled via the Utility application’s Database > Table Update menu item to manually apply the table update after all your data has been loaded.)
  • Recallable Table Update preference:  The user-selectable preference to "purge existing Control Table data” is now remembered and automatically chosen as the default handling when applying the Table Update script (automatically or manually).
  • New Data Manager functionality:  Employer Address, Agent Name and Agent EIN information on previously loaded form records can now be updated via the Utility’s Data Manager module.


  • All Single-User PRINTVIEW PLUS Clients have been migrated to a new SQLBase 12.0 database engine.
  • Record count limitations have been removed when creating batch PDF files and using the encryption password checkbox.
  • All references of “Report Defaults” have been renamed to "Change Print Template". When navigating the “Change Print Template” dialog box, the main "Change Report" pushbutton has been renamed to "Change Print" for clarity.
  • All references of “Update Statistics” have been renamed to "Optimize Database" in the Utility Application for clarity.
  • All tax form prints have been renamed for more consistency and clarity.
  • The W-2PR Pressure Seal legal-size print has been removed due to the instructions being substantially expanded this year. 
  • The Local Name field has been expanded on the standard W-2 Local Copy 1 print.
  • Box numbers have been added to the field descriptions on many registers.
  • The Utility application’s "Enhanced Security" menu item has been renamed to “Security”. When adding or modifying a user account the “Enhanced Security” pushbutton has been renamed to "User Security Reporting" for clarity.
  • The Utility application’s “Delete Forms” register view has been updated to include Federal EIN as a query item to delete by.
  • The 1042-S Federal Summary registers now breaks on Federal EIN, Box 3 status, Box 12c and Box 12c.  (As a result, summarized data within the register view reflects the logical groupings used in the composition of the electronic file.)
  • When querying within a register view, suppressing values via the “Paste into List” option no longer removes NULL values from the resultset.

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