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PRINTVIEW PLUS Release 2017 Now Available

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PRINTVIEW PLUS Release 2017 Now Available

The 2017 PRINTVIEW PLUS application was released November 22, 2017.  Several new features and workflow improvements were made, some a direct result of our valued client feedback.


  • The optional W-2 Verification Code was added to the load layout and must be passed in the following format when used:  XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.  PRINTVIEW PLUS will not assume or add dashes to the W-2 Verification Code.
  • New Unique Form Identifier and Amendment Number data fields were added to the 1042-S load layout.
  • Employer phone number formatting was removed from PRINTVIEW PLUS.  The employer phone number should be passed and loaded exactly as your company wants it to appear when printed.
  • Corresponding box numbers were added to all field/box descriptions within the corporate load layouts.


  • Bulk 1095-C filing support via the AIR UI portal has been added.  Users may now include multiple 1094-C/1095-C submissions within a single AIR transmission.
  • Deletion rights were implemented as a user-level preference.  The Administrator may now grant or remove the ability to delete pre-loaded and/or user-created forms to individual users.  (Global override preferences are also provided to control deletion rights across the entire population.)
  • A new “Customer Service” user role has been added.  Users created under the Customer Service role have the ability to create reissues, view and print tax form data, create e-files and access system registers.  These users DO NOT have the ability to amend or update form data (aside from address changes initiated through the reissue process).
  • PRINTVIEW PLUS now supports the Ohio Central Collection Agency’s (CCA) electronic EFW2 filing format.  A new checkbox within the local W-2 registers captures all CCA-reportable jurisdictions.
  • The Suppress Preceding Form checkbox now appears in all 1099, 1042-S, Canadian form and 1095-C registers.  It is useful when multiple corrections or edits have been created against a tax form.  Checking the box limits queries to the most recent record in the form chain.
  • A File Export Audit register was added to monitor and track exports containing sensitive system data.
  • A Print and PDF Audit register was added to monitor and track hardcopy printouts and PDF files of tax form(s) and tax reports when they are generated in PRINTVIEW PLUS.
  • In addition to a hardcopy, all register reports may be output to a PDF file.
  • A T4 autoload batch amendment processing module is now available.  Contact us for additional details and pricing.


  • User-definable corporate load fields (Free Field 1, Free Field 2 & Free Field 3) were added to all PRINTVIEW PLUS detail registers.
  • Cursor handling within the Corporate Load module has been optimized for improved performance when importing large load files.
  • State and local Summary Registers were re-coded to remove the time-consuming “splitting” process previously encountered when accessing these registers.  Due to this change, the Bypass Summary Process checkbox was removed from the preference section of the Utility application.
  • Some registers have been added and re-organized within PRINTVIEW PLUS.  PRINTVIEW PLUS now has Security Audits & Services registers.  The IRS e-Services & SSA Verification registers have been moved to a new grouping called “Services”.  The e-File Creation Detail register has been renamed e-File Creation Audit and was moved to the “Security Audits” grouping. 
  • The W-2 Virgin Islands Pressure Seal and W-2 Virgin Islands Pressure Seal Instruction prints were removed from PRINTVIEW PLUS.  The standard W-2 Virgin Islands form and instructions are still available.

Clients using the ADP Amendment Capability preference will see a new link when creating W-2c’s:  “Click for information regarding ADP Additional Medicare Tax handling”.  It provides additional information regarding regular and surcharge Medicare calculations and handling.

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