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e-PRINTVIEW Release 2017 Live

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e-PRINTVIEW Release 2017 Live

The new 2017 version of e-PRINTVIEW is now live! Thanks to valuable client feedback and recommendations from a third-party security audit, several improvements were made to e-PRINTVIEW and the Management Site.

New & Enhanced Features on e-PRINTVIEW

  • Increased minimum password change requirements as part of a continuing effort to keep users safe online.
  • Improved online form access from the My Account page.  Reissue links have been renamed to “View Copy of [tax form and years available]”.  Users can also access 1099-R and 1099-MISC tax forms directly from the My Account page rather than selecting them on the processing page.
  • Auto Consent for T4 and RL-1 online tax forms.  New regulations allow users to receive their T4 and RL-1 forms online without having to give consent.

New & Enhanced Feature on Management Site
Ability to view Paystub samples online prior to releasing forms to users.
Email Notification Templates
Updated 2017 email notification templates are provided to help communicate the e-PRINTVIEW online service to recipients.

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