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Thanks to valuable client feedback, we have made several enhancements to PRINTVIEW PLUS for tax year 2016. 


1095-C Add-On Module

  • Integrated IRS Error Messaging and Tracking
    XML error messaging returned by the IRS can be imported into the PRINTVIEW PLUS database.  Affected records will be updated with the associated IRS error codes and descriptions, and can be recalled from the form search screen for simplified amendment processing.
  • Additional 1094-C Registers and Reporting Capabilities
    New Part III Summary Registers provide more concise reporting when working with large sets of 1094-C data.  Reports may be output in an electronic PDF format or as a hardcopy printout.

1099-R & 1099-MISC Direct State e-Filing
Users may now create IRS-formatted files for direct submission to state jurisdictions from the 1099-MISC State Detail, 1099-MISC State Summary, 1099-R State Detail and 1099-R State Summary Tax Reporting registers.  It enhances support for state-specific requirements and removes limitations when reporting tax forms with multiple state earnings via the Combined Federal/State Filing program. 

“Reissue Only” User Accounts
A new “Reissue Only” permissions set with limited access rights allows System Administrators to create user accounts for the specific purpose of reissuing tax forms and updating recipient address information. 

“Table Update” Retains Manually Entered Data
System Administrators now have the option to retain manually-entered control table data when running the Utility Application “Table Update” process.  Data consists of Federal EIN’s, State EIN’s, Local Names, Box 14 Codes and Free Field entries.  

ADP Local Code Search/Lookup Functionality
A new searchable interface has been added to the W-2c Amendment input screen, allowing ADP clients to look up and cross reference local codes, jurisdiction names and tax rates.


W-2 State e-Filing
Additional states have been added to the e-Filing capabilities for tax year 2016. 

Sample Corporate Load Files
All sample .csv files now contain a descriptive header record to reference and assist in the creation of PRINTVIEW PLUS corporate load files.

1099-K Registers
Free Fields have been added to the “1099-K Detail – All Jurisdictions” and “1099-K State Detail – Tax Reporting” registers.

1099-B Registers

State Detail and Summary registers have been added for the 1099-B.

Summary Report Print Update

All tax form detail registers now contain a Summary Report print, allowing users to print summarized box totals while querying detailed information within the register.

File Print Report Update
To eliminate confusion, the File Print menu item within a register has been disabled if there is no available report.

Removed Tax Form & Instructions Prints
Optional tax form and instructions prints have been removed for the forms listed below.  The removed prints were formatted with three different recipients per page.  The main prints with one recipient per page remain in PRINTVIEW PLUS.

  • 1098 Copy B  
  • 1098-T Copy B    
  • 1099-A Copy B   
  • 1099-C Copy B
  • 1099-LTC Copy B
  • 1099-LTC Copy C
  • 1099-R Copy B, C 

1098 Tax Form
The 1098 form has been reconfigured to a 2-up format to accommodate current year IRS changes.

1042-S Tax Form

The 1042-S form has been reconfigured to accommodate current year IRS changes.

Documentation & Manual Changes

  • e-Filing logging has been improved to better capture issues prior to submission.
  • For e-Files utilizing XML Schemas, JAT specific “soft” errors will no longer state an e-File will be rejected.  Users will be warned the file may contain errors but is valid according to the XML Schema.
  • 1095-C Module instructions have been added to the PRINTVIEW PLUS User Guide.

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