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Large PEO with U.S. & Canadian Operations has Unique Requirements


Large PEO with U.S. & Canadian Operations has Unique Requirements

Our PEO client for over 14 years grew dramatically through the acquisition of three other large PEOs.  The acquired PEOs support their clients on three different payroll systems than the PeopleSoft platform our Client uses.  JAT was able to process the tax data files from the four  payroll systems and merge them together to provide year end services to all the PEOs and their clients.  In addition, each of the three acquired PEOs provided different and unique services to their own clients and JAT was able to respond to their diverse needs.

The PEO built a sophisticated employee portal to serve as a single HR and Payroll self-service site for all employees across the four PEO organizations, our initial Client and their acquired PEOs.  Although our Client had used the e-PRINTVIEW Self-Service website for years, they needed to implement a Single Sign-On solution from their employee portal in order to create a unified self-service platform.  Through the Single Sign-On connection, they have experienced a consent rate as high as 50% for W-2 electronic delivery.  With almost 500,000 W-2s annually, this equals a huge savings gain by not printing and mailing 250,000 forms each year.

In addition to the annual volume of 500,000 W-2s, the Client maintains over 1 million tax forms from prior years on the e-PRINTVIEW Self-Service website for employee access.

The Client added Canadian operations and needed support for a Canadian Self-Service website and print and mail services which JAT delivered in 2011.

Print Services
JAT provides a number of unique Print Services to the Client including:

  • Multiple W-2s for the same recipient contained in a single envelope to reduce postage fees.
  • Form customizations for both the W-2 and W-2c forms contain the PEO “Client Name”.
  • Inserting a multi-state and a Philadelphia City EITC notice with the W-2 to meet certain state and locality requirements that an EITC notice be delivered with the W-2.
  • Archive PDFs sorted by each individual client the PEO supports for easy distribution to thousands of clients.

Employer Filing
In addition to using JAT’s employee tax form distribution products and services, the Client also licenses PRINTVIEW PLUS.  Our services include merging the tax data from four different payroll systems into a single PRINTVIEW PLUS application to consolidate reporting of year-end filing for W-2s and Canadian tax slips.  PRINTVIEW PLUS is used for both the initial filing and amended filing because corrections to the forms are performed in PRINTVIEW PLUS.  The corrected forms created in PRINTVIEW PLUS are also uploaded to e-PRINTVIEW self-service enabling employees to retrieve their W-2c and amended Canadian slips through the employee portal.

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