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Payroll Service Bureau Processing for W-2, 1099-MISC & 1095-C Forms


Payroll Service Bureau Processing for W-2, 1099-MISC & 1095-C Forms

Background  A large national Payroll Service Bureau providing payroll processing and tax filing services to small businesses was desperately in need of a solution for creating thousands of W-2c’s yearly.  Their requirements included installing an in-house solution they could manage themselves, enabling them to load each client’s tax forms on an as-ready basis when the client’s year end production file is reconciled and finalized.Additionally, the Bureau has a security policy that does not allow client tax data offsite.  They produce over 800,000 W-2s annually for 45,000 clients.

The Bureau initially licensed PRINTVIEW PLUS in 2013 for creating corrected W-2 forms, distributing them to recipients and sending a copy to the employer for archival purposes.   PRINTVIEW PLUS also creates the files for employer amended Federal, State and Local filing.

The results were so successful they added 1099-MISC forms to PRINTVIEW PLUS in 2014 and loaded over 90,000 forms in 2016.  Thousands of corrected 1099-MISC forms are produced for both recipient distribution and employer amended filing.

In 2015, the Bureau added the 1095-C PRINTVIEW PLUS Module to support their need to print and mail original 1095-C forms to recipients and generate files for the employer 1094-C/1095-C IRS e-filing deadline.  They also use PRINTVIEW PLUS for 1095-C corrections processing.

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