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  • Wells Fargo

    “Timewise, PRINTVIEW PLUS, has greatly increased our productivity in producing W-2 corrections during that critical time of year, January - April.  Compared to our previous method, the SSA System, where we had to enter all the data in a blank form, PRINTVIEW PLUS loads our original W-2 data into the W-2c forms for correction.  We are able to create W-2 corrections twice as fast.  From a Payroll Service Bureau standpoint, with 45,000 clients and thousands of W-2c’s to process, it’s a huge data entry timesaver.  We also use PRINTVIEW PLUS to process 1099-MISC and 1095-C forms.  I don’t know of anything better out there.”

    Linda Bakke
    Wells Fargo

  • Children's Hospital of Alabama

    “e-PRINTVIEW W-2 electronic delivery is quick and easy for us.  It’s cheaper than printing and mailing and has helped us, timewise, tremendously in our Payroll department.  Our tech savvy and younger employees like it.  They get their W-2 sooner than by mail and, if they use TurboTax or H&R Block, they can automatically download the data into their returns.  Using JAT’s print and mail services for employees who don’t consent to electronic W-2 delivery works very well.  JAT has handled our PeopleSoft W-2 files for years.  We are in the process of migrating to Lawson/Infor and adding electronic 1099s for 2016.  We’re also looking into adding 1095-Cs with JAT.

    JAT staff is on top of everything, very respectful and proactive, which is more rare than common in the business world.  Working with JAT has been extremely easy.”

    Chuck Payne
    Children's Hospital of Alabama

  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

    "JAT Software's staff is wonderful."

    Nancy Rocker
    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

  • CEMEX USA Shared Services

    "e-PRINTVIEW is very user friendly, very simple to use and our employees are very happy with it.  When we have a special request, the support team is very responsive and timely.  The support is very good."

    Mei Cheng
    CEMEX USA Shared Services

  • A Services Group

    "The e-PRINTVIEW online W-2s and pay stubs are fantastic.  It's a great service!"

    Katie Sizemore
    A Services Group

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